In a recent interview with a prominent lifestyle magazine, Meghan Markle, now known as the Duchess of Sussex, provided an exclusive and personal look at the nighttime rituals that she and her husband, Prince Harry, follow. The woman who used to be an actress and is now a princess claimed that evenings spent with her and her new husband are full with love, bonding, and important family moments.

During the exclusive conversation, Meghan opened up about how much she and Harry value their evenings together as a time to unwind and bond with their children, Archie and Lilibet. The Duchess of Cambridge referred to the nightly ritual of putting their children to bed as an integral component of their family life. She emphasized the significance of cultivating a sense of safety and consistency for their young children.

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“We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment in the day. Meghan beamed with happiness as she explained how she and Harry “try to be as present as possible during these moments, cherishing the opportunity to bond with our children and create memories that will last a lifetime.”

Their evening begins with a bedtime storytime, during which the parents take turns reading their children’s most beloved books to them before retiring for the night. Meghan mentioned that Archie, who is now five years old, frequently chooses exciting stories, while Lilibet, who is two years old, prefers colorful picture books that inspire creativity and imagination.

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Following the reading of a story, everyone joins in on some lullabies. Harry has a really pleasant singing voice, and he enjoys nothing more than lulling the children to sleep with his songs. Meghan admitted that it is extremely comforting to watch, and she also mentioned that they occasionally include melodies from her American ancestry in the mix. “It’s incredibly heartwarming to watch,” Meghan said.

Incorporating mindfulness techniques into the couple’s bedtime routines helps to generate a sense of calm and relaxation and is one of the ways that the couple connects with one another. Meghan claims that before sleep, they guide their children through a calming meditation practice alongside them, teaching them the significance of finding silence in their lives.

“Mindfulness is something that we believe should be taught from a young age. The Duchess of Sussex clarified that it is a habit that can be carried throughout their lives and that promotes emotional well-being as well as self-awareness.

Additionally, Meghan and Harry have taught their children the importance of being grateful by setting a good example for them. Before turning out the lights, the members of the family take turns sharing what they are grateful for, helping to cultivate an attitude that is cheerful and appreciative.

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Meghan has acknowledged that, despite the fact that the nightly bedtime ritual is a treasured affair, there are occasionally difficult hurdles that all parents must confront. “Like any other family, ours has its fair share of periods of chaos and struggle to get to sleep. “However, in general, the process of putting together this one-of-a-kind opportunity for all of us has proven to be extremely gratifying,” she disclosed with a chuckle.

Since stepping down from their senior royal duties, Meghan and Harry have made it a point to prioritize keeping their family life private while simultaneously utilizing their platform to advocate for philanthropic causes that are near to their hearts.

This rare view into Meghan and Harry’s lives as parents, which demonstrates their dedication to raising their children with love, care, and a nutritious diet, can be seen in the ritual that they follow before they put their children to bed.

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