People are unhappy about the KFC sign posted on their doors, but the restaurant refuses to remove it.

Law enforcement officers have had a difficult time in recent years, and things are only growing worse. Numerous Officers have been singled out and attacked, with some presuming that all police officers are bad or corrupt.
Well, one restaurant in Gallipolis, Ohio, decided to make a difference by showing the men and women in uniform how much they are valued and appreciated. The sign in the window is causing quite a commotion!

Every day, all uniformed police officers dine for free.

To demonstrate unequivocally to all men and women in uniform the city’s utmost gratitude for the sacrifices they make daily to ensure our safety.

There is no better way to refuel before, during, or after a long day than with a delectable hot meal, and it may even make the streets safer!
Since the sign was affixed to the KFC window, things have gone entirely viral, receiving over 5,000 Facebook shares and 10,000 Facebook likes.
Even the store’s employees have joined in and commented on the Facebook post, affirming that they serve all uniformed police officers for FREE every single day!

You might assume that the vast majority of people will be supportive and ecstatic about it, especially police officers, but there are also a significant number of people who are not pleased at all!
Some individuals disapproved of what the store owners had done and stated that they believed all first response services, not just the police, should be included. Even the administrator of the Ohio Going Blue, a law enforcement officer, agreed.

He said:

This is a positive post, but some of you are unable to see the large picture.
As an officer, I do not enter any establishment expecting anything to be free or even a discount, regardless of whether or not I am in uniform, and I can assure you that other officers feel the same way. We dislike receiving’special treatment.’ The fact that KFC recognises law enforcement is the reason why this was posted. To those who suggested that other first responders should also be recognised. My answer? ABSOLUTELY.”

It is reasonable to provide law enforcement officers with a free meal and snacks to keep them energised throughout their long shifts, as they put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe and receive nothing in exchange.

What does the KFC sign in the window remind you of? Do you endorse it?

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