Clarence Gilyard, a longtime friend of Chuck Norris’s and a co-star in several of his films, passed away on November 24, 2021 at the age of 66. The famed martial artist, actor, and director Chuck Norris is in mourning over the loss of his close buddy. The demise of Gilyard was a heartbreaking blow to everyone who knew and loved him. He had been battling cancer for quite some time.

During the run of the popular television show “Walker, Texas Ranger,” which aired from 1993 to 2001, Chuck Norris and Clarence Gilyard first collaborated on a project together. James Trivette, played by Gilyard, was a former member of the Dallas Cowboys football team who later joined the Texas Rangers and worked alongside Cordell Walker, played by Chuck Norris.

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Both Norris and Gilyard became well-known figures as a direct result of the show’s tremendous popularity. Nevertheless, it resulted in the formation of a friendship between the two actors that continued long after the conclusion of the program. In a statement that was issued after Gilyard’s death, Norris expressed his profound grief over the loss of his close friend and co-star.

“For me, Clarence was much more than just a co-star. He was a brother in Christ and a good friend to everyone. On the set of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger,’ we shared a lot of laughs and good moments together, and those are the kinds of memories that will stay with me forever,” Norris remarked. “He was a talented actor and a true professional, but more than that, he was a kind and generous spirit who always put others before himself. He was a true gentleman.” I’m going to miss him terribly.”

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Gilyard had a career that stretched over three decades, during which time he was in a great many movies and television shows. In addition to “Walker, Texas Ranger,” he also had starring roles in the television programs “Matlock” and “The Cosby Show,” amongst other shows. In addition to that, he held the position of theater professor at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, where he instructed students in the art of acting, directing, and screenwriting.

Gilyard was well-liked for his friendly demeanor as well as his unwavering commitment to his work. He was a superb actor who provided a sense of complexity and refinement to the roles he played. However, he was also a dedicated husband and father, and the happiness of his family was what brought him the most satisfaction.

In the wake of Gilyard’s departure, condolences from friends, family, and coworkers came pouring in from all directions. Many people spoke highly of his talent, his generosity, and his unshakeable faith. His demise serves as a sobering reminder of the fleeting nature of life and of the significance of valuing the relationships we have with those we care about.

In conclusion, the passing of Clarence Gilyard serves as a wrenching and important wake-up call that underscores both the value of life and the significance of friendship. The touching tribute that Chuck Norris paid to his close friend and fellow actor Gilyard exemplifies the profound connection that existed between the two men and the influence that Gilyard had on the lives of those who were fortunate enough to know him. Gilyard will be sorely missed, but his legacy will live on as an accomplished actor, a devoted educator, and a loving husband and father who devoted his life to his family.

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