While Melvin Lubbers has reached the ripe old age of 91 years, his wife Nancy has reached the ripe old age of 87 years. Two of them ran into each other for the first time at a skating rink when Nancy was just 16 years old, and ever since then, they have been sticking close to one another. In 1952, the pair tied the knot in a religious ceremony, and Nancy wore a frock to the ceremony that she had bought for $35 specifically for the occasion.

Anna, the couple’s youngest grandchild, expressed an interest in taking photographs of her grandparents with Nancy dressed in her wedding dress so that the family may celebrate the couple’s 70th wedding anniversary together. Anna shared that there were not many images of her grandparents’ wedding day in their possession. “First, I thought it would be cute to snap pictures of Grandma in her dress, and then my mom, Melissa, tracked out Grandpa’s army uniform so that he could wear it.” “Next, I thought it would be cute to snap pictures of Grandpa in his uniform.”

Nancy thought it was a great idea, and she cherished the opportunity to celebrate the event while wearing her wedding dress since she thought it was a perfect fit. The bride and groom looked at each other in their wedding photos and remarked, “We had a great time remembering our wedding day, and the picture session was a lot of fun,” as they gazed at each other in their wedding photos.

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The couple currently makes their home in South Dakota, where they have generated a total of 5 children, 12 grandchildren, and 21 great-grandchildren through their union. When asked what the secret was to a successful and long-lasting marriage, the couple provided the following response: “You won’t always agree, and occasionally you’ll have a dispute; but, when you have one of them, you sit down and speak about it and come up with a solution; and, after it’s settled, don’t bring it back up.”

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