Jamie Foxx Family Statement Seek Privacy After Actor’s Medical Complication
Jamie Foxx is reportedly getting treated in Atlanta, Georgia, while filming a new movie. Jamie Foxx’s health scare is private. His daughter announced the news on social media for the family.

Corrine Fox said her father had a medical issue yesterday. “Luckily, rapid action and expert care are helping him recover.” The family requested seclusion and minimal details. TMZ discovered the “complications” were so severe the family travelled to be with him. The actor responded, thankfully. We’ll take Twitter’s rumours with a grain of salt until his family confirms them.

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Jamie Foxx has no health issues. The actor eats “smart” by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The actor told Oprah on Next Chapter that he used alcohol to cope as a child. He thought he was going crazy at 18.
Fast life. Jamie Foxx filmed on a yacht seven days ago. He’s filming a movie with Cameron Diaz in Atlanta. Once someone tried to take over $40,000 from the actor/singer, set turmoil ensued. On set was a World War III bomb. Cameron Diaz’s last film is also rumoured.

Jamie Foxx’s health and progress will be updated. The actor’s family claims he’s doing well.

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