The daughter of Fetty Wap, who was then four years old, was battling a heart condition that she has had since birth. Her birth certificate revealed that the reason for her name was Lauren Maxwell. Her name was Lauren. Her mother, who was already in a state of heartbrokenness, broke the news to her daughter. The musician and dancer Turquoise Miami is the other parent of the child that the rapper has.

The information was shared by Miami, whose given name is Lisa Pembroke, on the following Monday, August 2nd. She praised her daughter for being “wonderful, lovely, happy, vivacious, affectionate, brilliant, intellectual, and hardheaded.” Her youngest child was the subject of her praise. In addition, the mother shared a video of her daughter laughing while swimming in a pool while leaping up and down.
She was one of the six children that Fetty Wap has. TMZ was able to obtain Lauren’s death certificate, which revealed that the cause of her death was fatal cardiac arrhy’thmia, which was caused by the complications associated with inborn cardiac abnormalities. She had been afflicted with the condition since birth, and an abnormal heartbeat ultimately led to her passing.

In addition, the report discloses that Lauren passed away on June 24 at her home in Riverdale, Georgia, in the state of Georgia. That indicates that more than a month has passed since then. On Tuesday, August 3, Fetty posted a heartfelt homage to his daughter for the very first time on Instagram. He uploaded a picture of Lauren to social media and captioned it with the following:

Hi there, identical twin of mine! I will always and forever consider you to be my dearest and dearest friend. I love you to the moon and back. Additionally, he stated on Instagram Live that “she’s well” and that “my baby’s happy now.” Alaiya is the name of his other child who also experienced something similar to being close to death. She required immediate brain surgery in January 2019, but thankfully everything went smoothly, and she is presently in good health and physical shape.

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