NFL legend, Shannon Sharpe, has countless women -young and older- salivating over his new shirtless photo. However, fans are not letting him forget that there is one such salivating female who is ready for him, even though they feel that he previously embarrassed the hell outta. That women is none other than Flavor of Love alumn, Deelishis.

What Shannon Sharpe Posted For His Birthday…
Shannon Sharpe took to Instagram to big up himself on his 51st birthday, for maintaining great health and his chiseled up physique. While doing so, he wore nothing but a towel and eyeglasses, as he showed off his 6-pack, pumped chest, and biceps.

He captioned his pic with:

“HAPPY 51st BDAY TO ME. I’M NOT WHAT I ONCE WAS, BUT I’M BADDER THAN 99% OF THE MOFO’S WILL EVER BE. #FitAtFiddyOne #CarvedBlackGranite #BuiltLikeAnAfricanGod”

Of course the ladies went wild with comments such as these:

” damn well I am at the point in life When I’m willing to date the son or the father ” wrote one women. This how I want my sugar daddy to look ‍♀️, another female fan wrote.

Fans Then Re-hashed Deelishis’ Thirst For Shannon Sharpe…

Fans immediately remembered that Deelishis recently tried to get with Shannon Sharpe in public:
“Waiting for Deelishis to shoot her shot again,” wrote one fan.
Several fans replied to the above comment with reminders about Shannon ignoring Deelishis:

Jesus I had got 2nd hand embarrassment for her ,” said one fan.

“he be gliding right pass her,” commented another.

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