In a touching moment, a baby girl with Down syndrome proudly shows off her “new smile” to her adoptive mother.
The heartwarming moment when a newborn baby girl with Down syndrome tried to give a big smile to her new adoptive mother and it was caught on tape

. Following its publication on the Facebook page of the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, the film attracted a large number of comments and reactions. Baby H, as she will be referred to in order to protect her privacy throughout the adoption process, is currently eight months old and lives in Texas with her adoptive family.

H’s mother was sitting on the blanket with her daughter when she asked her how her day was going, and Baby H’s beautiful face broke out into her famous smile at that very moment.

During the interview, her mother also revealed that her Baby H could perform the grin when instructed to do so. “Ohh I adore your new grin! That is the most lovely of the three! Could you please show it to me again? The latter portion of the film features a response from her mother.

Baby H lights up when she recognises her mother’s voice and can’t help but give her a big grin in response. Her mother gushes, “Oh my goodness, I like that new smile!” when she sees her daughter.

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One can tell by the mother’s laughter how much they enjoy their daughter’s grin, and considering that she only grinned like this for a few weeks, this movie is a treasure for them. Her mother explained in an interview that her laughter was a reaction to how much she adores her baby’s smile.
She stated that they have faith that all of the spectators will notice the beauty that possesses individuals who have Down syndrome. The news that your child has Down syndrome may be alarming, but the reality is that your child has a reason for having Down syndrome and will be able to live a long and happy life despite having the condition.

What a beautiful smile for such a young age! Please do watch this video since it is really lovely.

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