Following Nkosikho Mbele’s deed of charity, Shell made a donation to a local charity in the amount of R500,000.
Hloniphizwe Mtolo, the chairman of Shell, expressed his gratitude to the heroic gas station employee who won the hearts of South Africans. Mtolo also nominated the employee for an internal excellence award and vowed to pay R500,000 to a charity of the attendant’s choosing.

He told Nkosikho Mbele, “I’ve seen the good news and wanted to call and congratulate you for the wonderful work you’ve done.” “I’ve heard the good news and wanted to call and thank you for the good work you’ve done.”

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“We have decided to respond to what the public has done by donating half a million rand to a charity that you will choose,” he added. “We are doing this as a response to what the public has done.”

Mbele became an instant celebrity after he paid for a customer’s gas at the Shell gas station where he works after noticing that the fuel gauge on her vehicle was getting low.

His act of charity triggered a big response online, and thousands of people in South Africa gave money to a BackaBuddy account. As of 9:45 in the morning on Tuesday, the fund had already accumulated more than R469,000.

As a direct result of his kind act, about R1 million has been contributed, which includes the contribution made by Shell.

Fikile Mbalula, the minister of transport in South Africa, gave Shell a “salute” and shared a video in which the chairman of Shell praised one of his most well-known employees.
Mbele was thrilled by the guarantee made by his boss, and he expressed his gratitude to his brother by stating, “That is fantastic news, thank you so much dear brother.”

As a representative of South Africa, he is being considered for a “Shell Excellence Award” in a competition held outside of the country.

“Am I really going to go to these award ceremonies? “said Mbele, who was left speechless by Mtolo’s response, “Yes,” Mtolo said, “It is because you did the right thing.”

Mbele told TimesLIVE on Tuesday that he “still can’t believe it” and that he was “very grateful” to his bosses for pledging the money to a charity of his choosing, which has not yet been determined. Mbele’s bosses have not yet decided which charity will benefit from the donation.

“God is good,” he continued “If it truly comes from the bottom of your heart, you will be rewarded for it, and for that I am very grateful.

In addition, he put an end to the rumours that he wouldn’t be permitted to personally manage his finances by confirming this information. He stated unequivocally that it was his wish for BackaBuddy to be in charge of the administration of the cash that were raised for his family.

“I asked BackaBuddy to store it for me,” he stated. “I live in Khayelitsha, and it is not safe for me to have it in my account. I have asked them to hold it because there are a lot of people who are going to turn up [looking for money].” [Case in point:] “I have asked them to hold it because there are a lot of people who are going to turn up [looking for money].”

In the near future, Mbele will make the trip to Zanzibar in order to take part in the Shell regional service excellence awards.

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