112 dominated 1990s R&B. The quintet worked with Diddy and Bad Boy as their top male group during hip-hop and R&B’s “golden period.” Due to an ageing fanbase and personal expenses, the lads seem to be struggling these days. Q may be homeless if child support payments continue.

High schoolers formed 112. As they broke through, Quinnes “Q” Parker, Michael Keith, Marvin “Slim” Scardrick, and Daron Jones became famous. Before Tim & Bob discovered them, Forte sung at churches and talent shows. The trio auditioned for Diddy outside Atlanta club 112, which became their name.

They flew to New York to record their double-platinum debut album. 112 toured with Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson and scored successes with Notorious B.I.G. “Cupid” was a huge hit. “Peaches & Cream” became their signature. The group struggled in the mid-2000s. Money and label changes were involved.
Once Michael Keith left, Q worked on solo material. Disgraced members publicly complained about missing royalty payments. Q Mike Slim Daron, released in 2017, teased a reunion. Their 2020 album had only Slim and Mike. During R&B tours with Xscape, Tyrese, Monica, Ginuwine, Day 26, and others, the duo performs alone.

Q Parker still has a sizable fanbase. Around 300k people follow him. Shows, podcasts, and health and wellness promotions keep Q busy. Cardio Convos is his gym-fan discussion series. He starred in a Toronto Black Film Festival film.

He praised Drake for loving 112. Q complimented Drizzy, saying, “When a legend shows respect for legends! Thanks, @champagnepapi. Real! Q Parker has child support troubles. He fathered a child outside of his 17-year marriage to Sharlinda Parker. After the child was born, the lady wanted $12k a month in child support.

Q renegotiated his payments after bankruptcy. He got $200/month. Q Parker allegedly owes $300k in child support and has less than $1k in the bank. He may need a tour date.

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