Since Allysa Farrah Griffin is away on maternity leave, Dennis Miller would have been a perfect choice to fill in as a conservative analyst on “The View” for the few days she will be off.

“In a normal situation, we would book someone for the entire three weeks that she will be gone,” Whoopi Goldberg stated. “But, we wanted to break it up.” I believed that talking to Dennis Miller would be a good way to keep things fresh.

However, Miller did not accept, citing his desire for “intellectual argument” rather than the trash talking that is normally engaged in on the show as his reason for declining. “I have no desire to serve as Whoopi and Joy’s whipping post for the next four days,” she said. Thank you very much, but no thanks.”

Miller is now unemployed, but he is keeping his fingers crossed that he will soon receive some job offers. In an interview that was unique to us, he shared with us the following: “Rosie Barr has a new thing. I’d join her panel.” It is a lot of fun for me to be the man who has the highest IQ in the room by a few dozen points.
Roseanne has not yet announced the panelists for her upcoming show modeled after “The View,” although she has stated that there would be male participants, in contrast to Whoopi. The rebounding star remarked, “I’m not a sexist, and I don’t care whether the guy I’m talking to has a penis, unless he’s pretending he don’t.” This means that the rebounding star does not care if the person he is speaking to has a penis.

The void won’t be unfilled on the show, but it’s possible that for the time being, the show will have to do without a conservative voice. Whoopi said that it would be difficult to locate a cultist on such short notice who would be willing to be interrogated by clever and self-assured women.

Doesn’t seem like she has any issues with putting her ego on display, does she? America, may God bless you.

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