Bill Cosby has numerous supporters despite his charges. Many women have spoken out, but others have supported him. His TV wife, Phylicia Rashad, TV daughters Tempestt Bledsoe and Keisha Knight Pulliam, and Camille Cosby are included. Let’s examine how Mrs. Cosby helped free Bill and who she thinks could have done more.

Camile has spoken out against her husband and his legacy for years. She told the media she was happy when Cosby was released in 2020. “First of all,” the 76-year-old said. Camile said the “movement” was advancing white women’s goals of destroying black men in America.

Camile had campaigned for months to dismiss her husband’s Pennsylvania case. She wanted the judge removed and the case dismissed. Because a plea deal with Cosby five years earlier nullified his admissions of guilt, she got her wish. Camille wants a commission to probe Cosby’s Philadelphia judge. Camille believed Judge Steven T. O’Neill was unethical and hence unfit to judge Bill Cobsy.

Two weeks after Bill Cosby was freed, Camille was seen in New York without her ring, sparking marriage speculations. Despite Camille standing by Bill throughout the trial, the media began doubting their marriage. In 2018, RadarOnline said Camille left their family home two months after Cosby’s guilty verdict. Camille and Bill’s healthy marriage disproved the notion.

Knight Pulliam initially supported Cosby, but she later became afraid to do so. As her baby father sued her for breaching his visitation rights and traveling out of state to be with Cosby, Keisha Knight Pulliam support cost her legally. Hartwell said he sees his daughter for an hour, twice a week, and Pulliam compromised his visiting rights sprinting behind Cosby. Puliiam distanced herself after Cosby’s guilty verdict and reality set in.

Keisha Camille Cosby struggled with Pulliam’s distance. After Cosby’s conviction, Camille asked Keisha to write the judge. Pulliam never wrote the letter. Camille said the Cosby actress didn’t support Bill sufficiently after he helped her financially. She criticized Phylicia Rashad for missing court.
Keisha Knight Pulliam will always be grateful to Bill Cosby, but she has refused to discuss his case. Pulliam hasn’t discussed Camille Cosby.

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